Vehicle Roll Along Series Teether - Truck


This simple roll along animal series may look “meh” to you, but it brings about boundless educational opportunities to your child –

Your child will reach, grasp, pass, roll, bang and let go of these vehicle toys which are all important fine motor skills crucial for their developmental milestones. As they watch and move these roll along with vehicles with them, their hand-eye coordination is enhanced. What about allowing your child to explore and learn through play about physics as they observe the differences in speed at which these animals move with wheels on smooth and rough surfaces. 

There's no end to the playtime discoveries!

Inspire hours and hours of early exploration excitement with these Roll Along Vehicle Series, coming in 2 different vehicles Car and Truck.

Designed with parents and babies in mind (because we are parents too), these Roll Along Vehicle Series have been meticulously tried and tested to have the right dimensions to fit nicely into your baby’s hand and easy and convenient for parents to bring along with them. This Roll Along Vehicle Series is an ideal vehicle for all the pretend-play adventures of your littlest racer.

Recommended Age: 6months+