Pikler Triangle with Ramp [ETA 25th Jan]

$379.00 $429.00

Wondering where can you buy a Pikler Triangle in Singapore that is affordable and suitable for our small houses?

Our Pikler triangle from playfulltribe is a collapsible Pikler Triangle Climber, which makes it an easy to stow away item for small houses in Singapore.

It is an excellent activity toy for children aged 6 months to 6 years old. It helps them develop all kinds of movements, from crawling to climbing to walking.

Our Pikler climbers are made from certified solid birch plywood on the sides and solid beech wood for the rods.

The Pikler triangle climber will be shipped in an assembled form.

The maximum weight load is 75kg.

Please don’t leave your kids unattended while they are playing on the Pikler Triangle Climber.

  • Dimensions of Triangle when opened - 85.5cm (Length) x 69.5cm (Breadth) x 75cm (Height)
  • Thickness of the triangle when closed - 25cm
  • Weight of Triangle - 11kg
  • Dimensions of ramp - 1.2m (Length) x 0.48m (Breadth)

*Note that there will be difference in colour tone, pattern of the wood and natural voids of wood.

Customer Reviews

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Good quality and good service

The playfulltribe team personally delivered the pikler triangle and ramp to me and I was surprised to know that it was delivered personally by them. They were really friendly and taught us how to use the pikler triangle and the do’s and don’ts of the pikler triangle for my 2 kids (8mo and 2.5 yo). Much appreciated after service!

Very good quality

Everything about it is superb! The quality is damn solid! The wood texture and finishing is great! The sturdiness is really good and even I can climb on it when I am 70kg! I can let my daughter climb all over it without worrying . It's also came assembled and fixed which took away all the work from us. They also have constant updates and follow-up service which are equally important. Very good service! Thank you playfulltribe!


It was super heavy when the I took it over from the playfulltribe team who delivered the pikler triangle to me. Wasn't expecting it to be 11kg and the ramp to be 10kg. They later told me it's because it's made from solid beech and birch plywood which is a hardwood and super durable. Love that my LO uses it everyday especially since it has been raining these days and we cannot go to the playground. She still gets her physical play at home!

Hubs approved

Hubs was surprised when I told him on the spot that the pikler triangle is coming. Now our girl will ask for the pikler triangle every weekend so hubs now says its a very good buy.

Love it!

Super sturdy and very good finishing.