Little Climber Pikler Triangle with Ramp [Instocks]

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Wondering where can you buy a Pikler Triangle in Singapore that is affordable and suitable for our small houses?

Our Pikler triangle from playfulltribe is a collapsible Pikler Triangle Climber, which makes it an easy to stow away item for small houses in Singapore.

It is an excellent activity toy for children aged 6 months to 6 years old. It helps them develop all kinds of movements, from crawling to climbing to walking.

Our Pikler climbers are made from certified solid birch plywood on the sides and solid beech wood for the rods.

The Pikler triangle climber will be shipped in an assembled form in Singapore and flat packed overseas.

The maximum weight load is 75kg.

Please don’t leave your kids unattended while they are playing on the Pikler Triangle Climber.

  • Dimensions of Triangle when opened - 85.5cm (Length) x 69.5cm (Breadth) x 75cm (Height)
  • Thickness of the triangle when closed - 25cm
  • Weight of Triangle - 11kg
  • Dimensions of ramp - 1.2m (Length) x 0.48m (Breadth)
  • Weight of Ramp - 10kg

Age Recommendation:
6 months - 6 years+
From the age your little ones can sit up (6 months and above) there are opportunities for them to enjoy our Pikler Triangle. Babies can climb before they can walk. We advise you use your discretion and knowledge of your children's abilities to provide them space and opportunity to explore safely under supervision. We are yet to meet a kid under the age of 12 who doesn't want to climb but we recommend up to the age of 6 years to make sure they can get maximum fun. The best thing about it is that they challenge themselves more as they get older. There is always a new way to use them. Which means you get years of value.

*Note that there will be difference in colour tone, pattern of the wood and natural voids of wood.

Customer Reviews

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Affordable Premium Producct

Very good quality and was given a $10 discount when I paid via paynow. Liyi shared about how they od the checks, assembled the pikler tirangle and even beeswax them beire sending them out to us. Definitely worth every cent paid for this piker triangle with the amount of effort put in by the shop owners!

Muhd Fadhli
Impressive Service & Great Quality

Customer service provided by Li Yi was awesome and accommodating.
Prompt replies in WhatsApp and willing to listen to your concerns.
The items was of great quality and smooth finishing. Sturdy and stable.
Highly recommended 👍

Value for money

Great service, good quality, stable and sturdy. Well worth the money. The pikler triangle came assembled and so no extra work needed on my part.

Impeccable Service, Quality Products

First impression counts. I was sold by Liyi's friendly demeanour, detailed and prompt response throughout our WhatsApp conversation. The videos she provided of her children — same age as mine — exploring the Pikler Triangle and Seesaw further assured me that my children too will have a ball exploring these items.
The ultimate selling point for me was the readily available items and fast delivery. I needed the items almost immediately. Despite of the minor hiccup on delivery date and my curt replies to her, Liyi’s service recovery appeased me. Seeing my children ecstatically exploring their items was all that matters to me. Thank you Liyi for the impeccable service you provided. Continue to give your best to your customers and I’m sure we will keep coming back. Take care and stay safe always.

Good quality!

Love the quality and the sturdiness of the pikler triangle. The delivery wanted to help me carry the pikler triangle in but I insisted on taking it myself and got a shock at it's weight because it was so heavy. Assured that it is very safe though!