Little Adventurer Transformable Pikler Triangle with Ramp

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Looking for a pikler triangle that is coloured, height-adjustable, and can change its design and shape to suit your household?

Our Adjustable Pikler triangle from playfulltribe can easily be transformed into different configurations to level up your fun and play at home, creating easier or more difficult obstacles for your children of all ages.

It is an excellent play structure for children aged 6 months to 6 years old. It helps them develop all kinds of movements, from crawling to climbing to walking.

Our Pikler climbers are made from CE certified European Solid Birch Plywood on the sides and solid aspen wood for the rungs. The rungs and hand-holds can be painted with EN71-3 certified water-based paint from Germany and the structure and ramp can be lacquered with an EN71-3 certified water-based lacquer so that they are all safe for your child!

Lacquering the pikler triangle and ramp has the additional benefits -
1. Protects the wood
2. Enhances its waterproofing
3. Makes it easier to clean
4. Enhances the shine of the wood

If you constantly do maintenance to your pikler triangle by beeswaxing/oiling your wood with VCO/linseed oil, the non lacquered version will suffice.

*For those that opt for a non-lacquered version, we will be gifting you our hand-made organic beeswax concoction for you to use to maintain your pikler triangle.

The Pikler triangle climber will be shipped flat-packed to you.

The maximum weight load is 50kg.

Please don’t leave your kids unattended while they are playing on the Pikler Triangle Climber.


Dimensions of Triangle when opened at highest - 115cm (Length) x 80cm (Breadth) x 98cm (Height)
Weight of Triangle - 10kg
Dimensions of ramp - 100cm (Length) x 40cm (Breadth)
Weight of Ramp - 5kg

Age Recommendation:

6 months - 6 years+
From the age your little ones can sit up (6 months and above) there are opportunities for them to enjoy our Pikler Triangle. Babies can climb before they can walk. We advise you use your discretion and knowledge of your children's abilities to provide the space and opportunity to explore safely under supervision. We are yet to meet a kid under the age of 12 who doesn't want to climb but we recommend up to the age of 6 years to make sure they can get maximum fun. The best thing about it is that they challenge themselves more as they get older. There is always a new way to use them. Which means you get years of value.

*Note that there will be a difference in colour tone, the pattern of the wood and natural voids of wood due to wood grains.

*Note that this is a preorder and will arrive 4 weeks later.

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