Extended Family


Houses are getting more expensive and space is shrinking. You now live in smaller houses and have normalized family to be our own family nucleus. Gone are the days where we have various generations living under one roof. When was the last time you visited your grandparents or your parents?

With this Extended Family set, we aim to normalize what family means to you. Introduce the concept of grandparents to your child through role-play by showing how grandparents react to your children and bridge the gap between grandparents and young children.

Embark in pretend-play with your children to story-tell as the family expands in size!

Mix-and-match and stack the different blocks together. Tickle your senses as you and your child search for the right match to fit each individual in the family.

Watch as your child start learning how to call “Yeye” and “Nainai” or “Wai Po” and “Wai Gong” as they learn through play!

Recommended Age: 3 years+