Log Builders Houses Series - Windmill House


Timeless creativity made of high-quality natural wood!

The simple notches cut out of each wooden log piece make it easy to stack and build them into a beautiful log-cabin structure.

The little architects in your child will be brought out as they patiently build up houses from these log builders sets and more while combining them with the toys in this set to bring to life endless pretend-play adventures. Enhance the parent-child bond by stacking the logs up with them as you engage in a storytelling session with them with the little toys and it’d turn into a beautiful lesson for your children about languages, mathematics, physics and more.

The log builders series comes in 4 different themes – Windmill House, Attap House, Forest House, Farm House and set consists of logs and small toys that compliment the theme of the set.

Let building these log builders set be a good opportunity for you and your child to bond. Enjoy and indulge in the educational value that they create for your child as you feel good knowing that your child is learning through play by connecting with their environment and feel empowered because they managed to accomplish building such a complex structure!

Recommended Age: 3 years+