18 Tribesmen Stacker Blocks

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1, 2, 3, 4, 5…… 18. Counting blocks can occur organically and naturally around our daily lives. So……. Why not build with them?

Eighteen congruent tribesmen blocks fit together and stack in more ways than imaginable. As you allow your imagination to take you away, you’d be able to create a fort of 18 tribesmen to protect your tribe houses behind them.

Get innovative as you connect their angular edges to create all kinds of magnificent structures. Build them up, out, around and sideways. Precisely place them along one plane or in astonishing, 3D configurations. There are no rules, just you and your creativity.

Complex thought, creativity, and visual special acuity come together and grow as little hands figure out how each piece can be used in connection with the others.

Hungry for a greater challenge? Eighteen challenges with over fifty possible solutions test your construction skills as you progress from an amateur to intermediate to “Eight-pert”. As your child advances, other skills are also developed as well.

Recommended Age: 3years+