How we started


Hi, I am Liyi, whose spirited kids inspired me to turn towards natural open ended toys that provided hours of sustainable educational play enjoyed by both me and my boys. I'd realised that the fun toys  that connected both adults and children  depicted the real world and allowed engineering and creation that expanded our creativity, imagination, and resilience.

My only gripe was child led play toys were marketed as premium and exorbitant toys that were far out of our reach. A lack of affordable quality toys have led to many of you parents having to resort to screen time just to keep your children “busy” so that you could get a breather and survive this whole parenting job. 

It made me sad thinking what our future generation was missing out on – learning through play. Parenting is tough and I wanted to provide better quality opportunities for you to enjoy your children and make full good use of their time by creating purposeful play. I want to empower you to be present in the growth of your child and be able to celebrate their milestones with smiles, knowing that you made that happen through your good parenting decisions.

Playfulltribe's aim is to create and curate premium wooden toys and organic toys that are simple, educational and yet affordable by cutting the middleman fees in our products by designing and getting our partners to make our own toys.