Balancing City Stacker Blocks


If you remember visiting a scrap car mechanic and seeing how the workers lift the cars with a  huge magnetic crane, stacking them one by one on top of one another and wished that you could help them, you can now do so with these balancing city blocks by stacking them and watching them fall while trying again and again.

    These blocks will keep you and your child engaged for hours of fun as you make up a story with these blocks and stacking them up on top of one another.

    These natural blocks expose the beautiful figure and hues of the wood beneath and are semi-finished on the sides with calming pastel colors. They can even have their outlook painted with your favorite colors and design and be placed as a gorgeous display item in your house.

    Let the feel of outdoor play come inside with these Balancing City Blocks! Just play, learn, connect and empower without any instructions!

    Recommended Age: 3years+