Personalised Travel Busy Cube


You deserve that self care! You are exhausted and need a breather. Parenting is tough. The moment a child is born, parents are also born. Parents are newborns, just like their infant and you struggle to get by.

Have you wondered how you could always be ready for every curveball thrown by your child and yet carry an ultra light bag? Now that you are here, you have found the right solution with our quality portable hand-crafted Travel Busy Cubes. Featuring 10 elements for the price of 1, we ensure that you won’t need to break the bank to purchase this value for money toy for your child.

Playfull Tribe believes in empowering parents and children to learn and grow to be their better self through purposeful play because learning together makes things simpler. We want you to enjoy your time with their kids.

You deserve to feel confident as a parent. Go out, pack this toy along and walk with swag! Yayy!

Customer Reviews

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thank you for it!

thank you for designing this and putting all my toddler's favourite over here!

LO loves it

My LO really loves it and she's been playing with it the moment she got it! She's only 8 months old so she's mostly attracted to the gears and the door. It still has a long mileage to go before she eventually figures out the shoelaces so definitely a worthy buy!

Bollock Lynda
Life saver

I had to pack tons of stuff in my bag to entertain LO on the bus to school everyday previously. Now I hang this busy cube on my bag and take it out to use when LO starts to get bored on the bus.

Smart Design

It's such a smart to have all the different things that a baby likes all in one. My mum are also so amazed by it!

Love it!

Love how well thought this is and how much effort playfulltribe put in to design this cube that can be brought along everywhere we go.