Sing Along Animal Series Teether - Cat


Have you ever heard a cat, giraffe or hippopotamus making music? Get things shaking with your very own Sing-Along Animal Series and tickle the senses of your child.

Place one of these Sing-Along Animal Series Teether/Rattle in your baby’s hand. One little tilt and they instantaneously know what to do. Their little body will start moving and pretty soon, you have got yourself a percussionist!

Your child will reach, grasp, pass, shake, bang and let go of these animal toys which are all important fine motor skills crucial for their developmental milestones. As they watch and shake these sing along animals with them, their hand-eye coordination is enhanced. What about allowing your child to explore and learn through play about rhythm and an ear for music? Your little musicians will be thrilled to be able to pitch their ear for rhythm and music.

There's no end to the playtime discoveries!

Recommended Age: 6months+