Little Climber Pikler Triangle with Ramp [instocks]

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Wondering where can you buy a Pikler Triangle in Singapore that is affordable and suitable for our small houses?

Our Pikler triangle from playfulltribe is a collapsible Pikler Triangle Climber, which makes it an easy to stow away item for small houses in Singapore.

It is an excellent activity toy for children aged 6 months to 6 years old. It helps them develop all kinds of movements, from crawling to climbing to walking.

Our Pikler climbers are made from CE certified wood from Europe. The sides are made from solid birch plywood and the dowels are made of solid aspen wood.

The Pikler triangle climber will be shipped flat packed unless requested to have it assembled at an installation top up of $50.

The maximum weight load is 75kg.

Please don’t leave your kids unattended while they are playing on the Pikler Triangle Climber.

  • Dimensions of Triangle when opened - 85.5cm (Length) x 78cm (Breadth) x 75cm (Height)
  • Thickness of the triangle when closed - 25cm
  • Weight of Triangle - 9kg
  • Dimensions of ramp - 1m (Length) x 0.4m (Breadth)
  • Weight of Ramp - 7kg

Age Recommendation:
6 months - 6 years+
From the age your little ones can sit up (6 months and above) there are opportunities for them to enjoy our Pikler Triangle. Babies can climb before they can walk. We advise you use your discretion and knowledge of your children's abilities to provide them space and opportunity to explore safely under supervision. We are yet to meet a kid under the age of 12 who doesn't want to climb but we recommend up to the age of 6 years to make sure they can get maximum fun. The best thing about it is that they challenge themselves more as they get older. There is always a new way to use them. Which means you get years of value.

*Note that there will be difference in colour tone, pattern of the wood and natural voids of wood.

Design by Playfulltribe and lovingly made in Europe, Latvia. 

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic quality and knowledgeable seller

Enquired through the contact form with Liyi over the use of this pikler triangle and realised that they had changed their design of their pikler trangle and to be totally wood based, removing the plastic knob which was their older design. She also shared the difference between her pikler triangle and others. Playfulltribe's pikler triangle is apparently made in Europe, Latvia, from certified sustainable wood and non-toxic and low VOC lacquer and paint. Defintiely feel very safe when using it with my kids! Thank you once again for explaining everything to me so patiently! Highly recommend!

Good Quality and Storage Friendly

My daughter loves this. She has gained a lot of confidence in her motor skills since playing this.

Sturdy, multifunctional and looks good!

6 months on and I’m getting so much use out of this with my son. The set up service was great too :)

Bh Jk
Great pikler triangle and service

Before and after service was very good and the product itself when delivered is very good quality. My LO loves it and I love it because she doesn't climb everywhere now and just climbs on the pikler trianlge

Milan Lazic
Good product and friendly owners

Liyi personally delivered over our pikler triangle. Was surprised that it was delivered assembled and was very thankful for that because I am really bad at using tools and I would absolutely not have been able to do it up myself. Love the whole seamless process of order till delivery and even the after sales service. Was taught how to open and close the pikler triangle as well as tips on uses for the pikler triangle. My son took to it almost instantly and was all over it the whole weekend. Definitely highly recommend this pikler triangle from playfulltribe for its quality and service!