Learning Tower

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Learning towers bring toddlers and little kids up to counter height, protect them from falling backwards with their smart design, and let the kids help cook, play, or eat up where the action is. They’re SO useful! 

Little kids love to help and be right with grown ups in the kitchen, and this is the safest way to make that happen. 

  • They offer a safe way for toddlers to be at kitchen counter height without excessive worry that they’ll fall.
  • This allows toddlers to be part of the action when cooking, cleaning up, or otherwise are busy in the kitchen—and they love that!
  • They’re a great spot for toddlers to safely stand when they’re actually helping you cook 
  • Toddlers can climb in and out of a learning tower on their own, making it something that they can take ownership of…which they also love!
  • They can use one to wash their hands on their own and generally gain more independence.
  • 85cm (Height) x 45cm (Width) x 40cm (Depth), this learning tower is suitable for Singapore kitchens
  • Made of solid rubber wood to ensure no fingerjoints on wood for stability and durability
  • 4 adjustable platform heights to grow with your child from 18 months up to 6 years (50 cm, 43cm, 36cm and 27cm from the ground)
  • Four-sided enclosed railings to provide support and protection while your child climbs in and to prevent falling of your child while in the tower
  • Vertical design on the side railings to ensure that kids only climb in from one access point - the front - to prevent falling while climbing
  • Wide  platform lets your child move about without slipping off a step
  • Product weigh 11kg
  • Carefully finished with durable, non-toxic, lead-free finish.
  • Has been tested to hold up to 80kg
  • Cleans easily with a damp cloth.

*Please note that learning tower will be shipped flat packed, without installation

Customer Reviews

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Yiqing Lin
Good quality and service

The quality is very good. It's heavy and sturdy, my kids can get up and down independently, and he likes doing it by himself.
The service is very good too, I received the delivery very quick.

Very sturdy

Very good quality and sturdy. Heavy weight and doesn’t topple. Allows my LO to help bake bread with me.

Cost effective and well thought design

Design supports independence as there are more steps for the child to climb up and down the tower and also cost effective choice in Singapore!