Natural Wooden Balancing Stones, 20 Pcs


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You are feeling frustrated that your child has just called you for the 100th time in 1 hour to get your attention and you need to be Zen. How about just putting away all your other agendas for a while and play with your child with this Natural Wooden Stones.

Inspired by the concept of the Japanese Zen game, Tumi-Ishi, which literally translates to be “in order to balance on the outside, one needs to be balanced on the inside”, these natural wooden stones bring out the instinctive wonder that your child has for nature into your home. They are stackable, versatile and have the silky smooth feel of river-washed stones.

You and your child can let your imagination take you away and build mountains, space stations, gnome castles, works of sculpture and of course, tree houses!

These natural wooden stones expose the beautiful figure and hues of the wood beneath and are completely unfinished. They can even be painted with your favorite colors and design and be placed as a gorgeous display item in your house.

Durable and stable for the demanding toddler/preschooler sculpture, yet challenging for the architect or master builder inside each of us!

Let the feel of outdoor play come inside with these Natural Wooden Stones! Just play, learn, connect and empower without any instructions!

Recommended Age: 18months+