MagBlocks City Fire Station


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Creativity finds a new home in MagBlocks! Fast forward your play into the next millennium with these theme-based magnetic wooden blocks.

Designed with magnets built in every shape, young architects can connect and build the blocks into nearly any structural design that they can imagine. Because we are parents too, we know how much safety means to you - the magnet on each wooden block is sealed to the wood with a plastic cover so those little hands won’t easily discover them.

Bring out the ambition of being a fireman in your child by allowing him/her to build a fire station that is filled with firefighting vehicles - a fire engine, a firefighting helicopter, and a firefighting boat. Unfold an array of stories with all these vehicles and excite your child with these amazing blocks that can build functional vehicles.

Introduce early STEM learning and creativity into your home with this MagBlocks City Fire Station and watch in amazement what your child can do with these magnetic blocks with their imagination!

Recommended Age: 3 years+